The only murder mystery kit you'll ever need.

About Flexi Party

You're dressed to kill. The starters are chilling. A pan bubbles ominously on the stove... Suddenly, the phone rings.


Silence. Then...

"I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it."

You stifle a scream as the phone slips from your hand. Then you remember.

You bought a Murder Mystery Flexi-Party!

Flexi Party is the only murder mystery kit to work even if guests drop out at the last minute. You can invite any number of guests from 4 to 14 and you don't need an equal number of male and female characters. You can even join in yourself.

Downloads & VR

Make your party more special with our complementary audio downloads and VR scenes.
* These zip files must be extracted before the .mp3 files will play.
** iPads / iPhones cannot open zip files without installing additional apps.

Audio files (zipped)

A Game of Murder in Moordoor

A Little Murder at the Manor

A Very Merry Christmas Murder

A Very Shakespearean Murder

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Murder at the Disco

Murder in Hollywoodland

Murder at the Manor

Murder in the Roaring '20s

Murder on Starship Deathstation IV (2016)

Simply Murder at the Garden Party

VR Scenes (360° Panoramic Photos)

Murder at the Disco

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