Replacement Parts

Your game was hand assembled in Dorset by real people**

All of our games are individually weighed after collation, so they're very unlikely to be missing parts at the time of purchase. But we know we can make mistakes so we're able to send out replacement parts quickly by email or post if required to the ORIGINAL purchaser:

Email us *
Just email us your Murder Mystery Store or Amazon order number and the parts required.

If you've purchased a USED game that's missing parts, replacements can be emailed for £1 per sheet, but may not match the original game. We'd recommend purchasing the full downloadable version from so you have a full copy of everything needed.

* We respond to emails whenever we're awake, 365 days of the year. Even on Christmas Day (we responded to 7 customers Xmas 2020 :o) So don't stop a party. Just contact us. And if it's about a missing download, please check your junk mail / spam folders first!

Looking for audio files? Visit the main website here.

** We're genuinely very sorry if your game is missing parts. It can create unhappy customers and causes more work and expense to rectify, so we really try our best not to do it! Our games have been 100% hand collated by a small printroom in Dorset since 2015 and they have lots of procedures in place to prevent errors, from weighing completed boxes to random spot checks on made up batches. We're very lucky to be able to supply all of our games digitally, so that as long as you have access to email your game can continue, unlike some other manufacturers. We like treating others as we'd like to be treated ourselves - with one caveat - we also kindly ask that you treat us as you'd like to be treated yourself too. Thanks for reading! Now please enjoy your party!

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